Thanksgiving and Winter Housing Market Season

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!  I hope everyone was able to enjoy a safe and healthy start to the Holiday Season.

Thanksgiving is typically the start of the holiday season and most buyers and sellers are hesitant to make a move this time of the year.  This year has been an exceptional year in the housing market.  While COVID slowed down the market in the spring, it certainly has picked up and made up for that slow down.  On top of this, we are seeing record low interest rates for mortgages right now, so why not make a move now?  Most people think of the spring as being the ideal time to buy or sell, but personally for me, I have always had my busiest times of year in the early summer and during the winter seasons.  Why?!  Because most of my buyers know that they can get better deals without having the be overly competitive during these seasons.  Frankly, I've seen nothing but bidding wars and outrageous offers being made just to "win" the competition among other buyers in the past few months.  

That being said, I'm starting to see a slight slowdown now that the holidays are here.  If you were sitting on the fence about buying, take advantage that most of your competition is occupied with the season and after the holidays are over, if it's cold enough outside, they might not want to go house hunting again until the spring!  You get a win-win with the added bonus of a low interest rate on the purchase.  And if you are a home seller, NOW is definitely the time to SELL!  There is record low inventory which means your property is highly coveted and desirable already!  Obviously, you still have to price it right.  Call me and find out how to get buyers to offer their very best for your property.

Take a look at this article that explains why Winter 2020-2021 will be a great year for the housing market.  I have to admit, I am very fortunate to live in Northern VA.  I have the best of both worlds where I can offer all my clients properties either near the city (Washington, DC), the suburbs (Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church), or rural (think Wine Country settings of Western Loudoun County, Fauquier County or Prince William).  I am also in the process of obtaining my West Virginia salesperson license to offer my clients an even larger range of options.  

Thank you for reading my little blurb, I look forward to your response.  In the meantime, let's keep washing our hands, wearing those masks to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.