Halloween and the Scary Week ahead

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Real Estate

Wow!  I can't believe this year has flashed by.  Well....I guess I can believe it, we have all been hiding in our homes and living out Halloween since March!  

This week will be one to watch with the upcoming election due to be a primetime event.  I hope everyone has exercised their right to vote.  

There is lots of information I have been watching during these past COVID months in regards to the housing market.  If you haven't been keeping up the market is HOT!    Interest rates remain historically low and will probably continue to be this way for the next few months.  Northern Virginia is doing very well overall, as far away as Fredericksburg and Frederick County, VA.  Call, email, or text me if you want to know how to take advantage of the HOT housing market.

I'd be happy to CARVE out time for your real estate needs, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!